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I decided to muster up some courage and make this a proper critique instead of just commenting... First off, it's very apparent that yo...

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The HERO by NebulaGregarZX

So, it's over! The past year's been rough, but hopefully, this one will be better. I've never been the type to resign myself to despair for long.

I'm actually mostly set up for commissions; I just haven't opened them yet. I was too busy during the semester, and even when I remembered I could do them, I figured it would prove to be too distracting. I'm not sure when I'll open them up; I guess if in the next semester I can keep a steady pace with schoolwork, I'll open up commissions for the first time. Of course, those will be paid using PayPal, not points. Probably.

Working on digital art has been a little tricky. All of my methods are impractically slow, made worse by a lack of processing power on my laptop. I'm still trying to devise new methods to speed things up, or at least make it feel less tedious, but I just don't have the muscle memory to draw things from scratch on a tablet. I'll have to practice that, start simple and work my way up.

Well, that's all I have to report. Happy New Year, all of you!


'Self'-Inflicted Wounds
I was looking through my gallery recently, re-organizing a folder so that the submissions were by order of the pages they were drawn on, when I noticed I'd missed one. That was embarrassing. Anyway, here it is, straight from the semi-aborted plan to have alternate-Al and alternate-Rex end up battling it out on opposing sides. Rex would see how inherently messed up it is, but be too invested in his idealistic crusade/revenge to avoid it. Al would be more detached and professional about it, insisting that he owes it to Organization XIII to work for them.

Also, this is one of the few times I've actually drawn cuts and blood. Weird to think I don't really do that. Maybe I should focus on that sometime, see if I can get to a level beyond this. Now that I have some understanding of cross-hatching, maybe I can make it look good.

Also, like I said, I've all but abandoned this plan. It's too complicated to pull off, and nobody cares about FGA anyway. There wasn't enough structure in it; I took the idea of continuing to fight Org.XIII, since that got cut short in the original tale, but neglected to drive things forward. And since Rex is mellowing out with age anyway, having an alternate version of him who chooses to follow the light and has a happier disposition, but is surrounded with revenge and grim stuff, it's a little silly. Like a mild inversion of his character, but not really interesting enough on its own.

So yeah. That plan's shelved for the foreseeable future. Also, I remember why I never scanned this. It's not totally complete, so I wouldn't have scanned it. I must have gotten caught up in other drawings and moving on to the next notebook before going back to finish this one.
Vlatka the Crashing Thunder
In Vlatka's case, I toned down her outfit and reduced the monstrous aspects of it. There's an Ahriman-shaped belt-buckle, and a couple of clips on her vest that look like a Bomb's eyes, but that's it. Plus, she had this weird leather skirt, which i changed. I also gave her this spikier look to her hair, rather than letting her continue to resemble Ansem.

She needs the most work of the original three. I figure her personality should be toned down from "crazy berserker" to "gets carried away in battle". Honestly, it would be kind of fun to give her a really kind disposition, to contrast with her looks and starkly contrast how she is in a fight. She'd still fight the same, though: making huge attacks with lightning, and unintentionally attracting Heartless. Not a whole lot of thought to it, but when a single strike kills virtually anything, why bother?

I think she might be an interesting counterpart to Vita; a cheerful young woman with an enthusiasm for battle, but Vlatka fights with a more haphazard style and raw strength, while Vita uses polished techniques. I also considered giving her a backstory like "was experimented on", but lessening the impact of it. So she'd have been experimented with, but not in some horrible, inhumane way; just Radiant Garden researchers testing her magical potential and advancing science without horribly messing anyone up. It'd be a nice change of pace.

I figured that a title calling her a 'beast' was too harsh, but I'm still split on whether it should be "Crashing Thunder" or "Crashing Light". The latter is more ambiguous and more fantastic, but I wonder if it's just slightly too ambiguous. Also, the way her hair is moving is kind of based on an old picture of Omega from MMZ3 that I copied years ago. I liked the wild, flowing motion it had going.
Melia the Firebrand - Needs Fixing
Previous version of the drawing. Her legs just aren't right; they mess up the flow of the picture, and it's not like they look good that way, either. They stay just as thick, though. Melia's got some thighs.
Hilda the Northern Wind
Hilda's design was altered to take into account her element, too; more insulation, with the furred gloves and boots. Still keeps the scholarly look, though. I added a few lines to her face to make her look a bit more like an adult, since I thought she'd likely be the oldest of the group. I don't remember whether I had to change her title or not, but any Nordic or viking connection would be great.

Her power, being more rigid, I thought would be suited to things like creating and animating weapons from ice. Her style might revolve around slowing an opponent down with cold before delivering heavy strikes.

As the oldest and most responsible, Hilda keeps the others in line and maintains general order. She's not their leader, but she does keep things from falling apart. I completely botched her personality on introduction, though; she was this uncaring lady who wanted to pursue knowledge, but was super wishy-washy about whether she'd learn things or plunge a world into darkness. She kinda half-did the job before leaving. Something more in-character would've probably been to ask about a library, jot down notes, and say something ominous about coming back later. I guess I could explain it in-character as her having a flair for theatrics, and getting too into the role of the villain before realizing she'd spiraled things out of control. That could be an interesting way for a level-headed, orderly character to come off as villainous.
Melia the Firebrand
Been too long since I've actively worked on Melia. Had to fix her legs in this picture; kind of embarrassing. I changed her title to be a little more fantastic, and imply more of a spitfire attitude and aggressive temperament.

As I may have said before, her element is fire; go figure. Fire is the most basic element in offensive magic, easiest to grasp, and it's usually a beginner-level thing. Melia, however, demonstrates the advantages to mastering it: fire is an incredibly variable element to wield. She can change its shape, spread it, concentrate it for intense heat, and generally mess up your day, even easily countering the obvious weaknesses of water and ice with raw power or creativity.

Melia is slightly amoral in that she has little problem sending her victims to a burning, horrible death, but she's not the type to lash out with lethal magic for minor misdemeanors. She wears the outfit she does because of the heat her flames generate; in an extended battle, no amount of insulation will keep the human body from overheating, and she finds thick clothing restrictive and more of a fire hazard anyway. Her attitude on fanservice, however, is rather opposed. Unless she's having fun being a tease, she thinks it's stupid.

She likes fire, but not to the obsessive degree that many fire-mages do. It's a tool, a companion at best, but it's not like the world needs to be on fire for her to appreciate it. Her abilities allow her to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best.

Man, I need to hammer out the concrete details of her backstory and motivation so she can make an appearance...

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NebulaGregarZX's Profile Picture
Timothy Stigers
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
In case you're wondering, the username is something I used on a forum in middle school. I've thought about using a different one, but I decided that I'm too fickle to do that. I'd probably change names every couple of months if I changed it now.

I live on the East Coast, USA. I don't use particularly refined tools, so while I can't exactly make drawings with the kind of finish that digital artists or more driven folks can pull off, I can still make stand-out pieces.

While I specialize in Traditional Art, I actually have a basic level of Spriting skills. I forget, but it may have been my spriting that got me into drawing, to a degree. I have once or twice been called the God of Microsoft Paint for making a couple of pieces from scratch in that program. Let that one sink in, though: Microsoft Paint. Not fun.

I generally don't take commissions; I take requests. If you want something done, and done by a particular deadline, then I'll do the commission, but otherwise, just make a request. I don't get enough of those, seriously. It's not a matter of popularity for me, but being able to bring ideas to life, and having fun. I got into drawing to give my ideas a visual shape. And it's pretty fun to try my hand at portraying something that another person dreamt up! I've done a good job of it in the past, or so I'm told.

Be forewarned, by default, I draw things without coloring them.

If I come across as intimidating, my bad. My profile picture looks older than I really am. Can't seem to draw a good self-portrait... Anyway, I'd really love to get some requests. Indulge me?


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